Our winery

Kröv - home of the world famous vineyard "Kröver Nacktarsch" - is an important village on the Moselle River. More than 2000 years ago vines were brought to the Moselle valley by the Romans and they practised viniculture in Kröv as well. There are many archaeological excavations in the surrounding area giving report of them. 

In the winery Condne the grape variety "Riesling" is mostly cultivated , whose vines are particulary charactirised by a discret fruit acid and cosequently are called "King of the white wines".
In addition to Riesling, the grape variety "Müller-Thurgau" is also cultivated. These wines naturally have a pleasantly mild fruit acid and convince therefore particularly through their salubriousness. The "Müller-Thurgau", dry or semi-dry expanded, also referred to as "Rivaner".

On request we will send you our current price list.

The guesthouse

The holiday winery is located on the outskirts of Kröv, directly to the river bank.
From your apartment you have a lovely view of the Mosella valley, the river, the vine-covered slate slopes and the forests.
It is only a short walk from our house to the local open swimming pool and the tennis court.

The garden

There are sunny and shady places inviting you to relaxe.